Mr candy Kidnapper Escape Game

Mr candy Kidnapper Escape Game

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We know you are a lover of Scary Horror Adventure Game, so stop waiting right now we bring a new Stealth Mr candy Kidnapper Escape Game for you. fun game suitable for all audiences!

In Town All neighborhood are playing. Alex, Jasmine, Kate and Peter are playing rock paper scissors, The Mr candy comes and gives candies to the childrens and kidnaps Jasmine, Kate and Peter.

Your friends are unconscious now and Mr candy take your friends with him somewhere. When he started his train the magical mirror was dropped from him, Mr candy name is Tom. He looks very cute and friendly. Who knows what his plan why he is Kidnapping the kids. He looks good but he has an evil plan, you need to find out about him.

When you pick up the magical mirror the Portal will open. With help of this portal, you can travel to another level and solve the puzzle to save your friends.

You are a big fan of horror Escape games 3D, haunted house games, adventure escape games and all types of Stealth games, we bring for our players the New Mr candy Kidnapper Escape Game , Mr candy neighborhood Scream game.

Mr candy Kidnapper Escape Game is truly fun and challenging First Person horror.

Key Features of the game.

AAA Quality Graphics
Realistic FPS Movement
Outstanding Sound effects and Music
Advanced AI
Solve puzzles and save your friends and neighbor.
5 Difficulty Modes.
You can Play in ghost, normal, hard and Expert mode.
Hint System: if you don’t know how to start the game this hint window will help you to find the items and where to use them
Enjoy a horror game without fearful and bloody scenarios, suitable for all audiences!

Note: if there is an error .xapk file validation failed Please restart your phone and try again.

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