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Scary Hospital Story Mode

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Get ready to escape from your fear. First Person Survival Horror Game

Welcome to the Scary Hospital Story Mode Adventure Game

The Story based on a Scary haunted hospital. henry Working for a private newspaper company. this company sends too many reporters to investigate and get information about this haunted hospital but on one comeback from this hospital.

now I decided to get information about his haunted hospital. a few days ago I started the search in this hospital. this hospital is haunted and only Freddy was escaped from this hospital.

Freddy’s Granny and grandpa admit him in a mental hospital for treatment but after a few days, the doctors change treatment in the National hospital. But the national Hospital was closed a long time ago because peoples saw here ghosts and evil patients here. Freddy was here for five days and five nights.

In this Haunted hospital, there are Evil Nurse, a ghost, a creature (Zombie), Bigfoot, Hunter Mad Doctor, and the evil doll
The night is dark and the hospital is alone.
If you like survival and Adventure horror games the scary hospital story will be the perfect pickup for you.
Play the game enjoy it and let see how long can you survive at haunted hospital
You are alone here to fight with your nightmares.
we bring the adventure escape horror game. with stunning sound effects and graphics.

Scary hospital Story mode is truly creepy and challenging First Person horror.

Key Features

Keep Moving
Solve Puzzles
Trilling horror Experience
Interesting game play
Stunning horror Atmosphere
HD Audio
6 Different Music
5 Difficulty Modes
Amazing Graphics
Fearful and Tension atmosphere


Enjoy Playing – Good Luck –


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