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Welcome to the Scary Subway Train escape Game.

We know you are a lover of Scary Hospital 3d Horror Game Adventure, so stop waiting right now we bring a new Stealth Scary Subway Train escape Game for you.

You are Freddy. Your brother and you both are The Twins. You both have the same identity but unfortunately, you lost your bother in Mental Hospital. He was Five Nights and Five days in Hospital. Evil nun and Witch Killed your sister. Now You are going to meet Your granny and grandpa. You are in the Scary subway and waiting for the train but suddenly some scary and haunted enemies are following you.

You are a passenger of this Scary Subway now. Here in this Scary Subway, there are Evil Police (Zombie), Demon Watchmen, Buffalo Head, Devil King and Evil Freaky Lady that can hear any noise. These ghosts will kill you if they find you try to hide in the dustbin or any safe place.

Now you are locked in this haunted Subway. now you have to try to get out of this scary Subway.

Now You are a hostage of nightmares and ghosts all nightmares are becoming more realistic. just one wrong move could be the death of you.
you are trying to escape but it is after you the ghost seeks you.

-Solve all the puzzles that you won’t find in other creepy games.

The night is dark and the Subway is alone.

You are a big fan of horror games 3D, haunted house games, adventure escape games and all types of horror games, we bring for our players New Scary and horror subway game.

Scary Subway Train Escape adventure horror game is truly creepy and challenging First Person horror.

⚔️Main Features⚔️

▶ Realistic FPS Movement
▶ Blood & Gore Dismemberments
▶ PickUp items
▶ AAA Quality Graphics
▶ Outstanding Sound effects and Music
▶ Trilling horror Experience
▶ Fearful and Tension atmosphere

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